Warm and Happy Atmosphere

לא המדרש העיקר אלא המעשה
עולם חסד יבנה

We at Machon Chen are proud to pass on the values of our heritage to the next generation of young Jewish women. We are dedicated to implant in our students a love for learning, help them maximize their personal potential and forge strong bonds of commitment to their communities.

The first thing you notice when walking into Machon Chen is the warm and caring atmosphere, the joy on the faces of our students and the unique teacher-student relationship. Although our school program is challenging, the girls achieve an great sense of satisfaction and self-worth combined with a strong feeling of accomplishment.

Every individual finds her place, whether academically, socially or artistically – living up to our motto of «no girl is left behind». This environment lends itself to mutual care, concern, respect and responsibility among the student body.

Perhaps even more important than the formal classroom education is the varied rich experiences that we offer our students during their two year stay at Machon Chen. These include:

  •   Broad exposure to guest speakers from varied backgrounds
  •   Trips to different countries, deepening awareness of their rich heritage and culture
  •   Weekends which foster friendship, caring, creativity and fun
  •   Full-day programs exploring specific themes
  •   Responsibility to Family and Community

Machon Chen partners with home and community to develop well-rounded, caring and responsible members of society. Students commit themselves to weekly public service to the community reaching out to those in need including the elderly, the infirm and large families.

Whether organizing programs for the youth of the community, performing in old-age homes or preparing communal lunches, you will find Machon Chen students bringing smiles to the faces of old and young. A Machon Chen student feels deep commitment to self, family and community.