The mission of Machon Chen has always been to provide its students with the highest standards of education along with an excellently conceived extra-curricular program. We feel that it is incumbent on us, the children of survivors, to insure the continuation of our Jewish heritage in our own children and students.
Our goal is to enable our students to meet the challenges of the contemporary world and succeed in today’s competitive work force. In addition, Machon Chen strives to aid in developing its students as healthy, well-adapted, socially attuned young women.
We aim to provide our students with the education, inspiration, and tools needed to effectively meet life’s challenges. As a result, Machon Chen strives to develop a young woman who:

  • has learned to apply Jewish tradition to the modern world
  • has received a very high level of secular education, enabling her to further pursue her studies
  • has achieved a Swiss Business Diploma, covering the areas of accounting, business law, macroeconomics, microeconomics, business management and correspondence
  • has attained a Bachelor of Arts degree, or a greater part thereof, with a breadth of knowledge in languages, computers, mathematics, science, sociology, business, history and humanities
  • has gained excellence in the skills needed for today’s job market
  • has gained the ability to think and analyze critically
  • has gained a broad spectrum of Jewish education, including studies in Bible, Prophets, Scriptures, Liturgy, Philosophy and Ethics, Law and the Hebrew language
  • has grasped learning skills and acquired a love of learning
  • has developed Jewish ethics and values
  • has developed and maximized her potential
  • has acquired the necessary tools to meet life’s challenges
  • has learned to interact well socially
  • has become a giving and caring person, interested in contributing to society
  • has grown into a responsible, self-confident and mature adult
  • is proud of her Jewish heritage