Excellence and High Efficiency

Since 1999 we have consistently succeeded in providing high quality education with state of the art methodologies while efficently using the resources available to us. Machon Chen offers a comprehensive Course Curriculum, combining up to date Jewish Subjects and high level secular studies. There are 28 subjects taught. For complete descriptions click here »

After completing our course of study and acquiring accreditations at different institutes of highter education, Machon Chen graduates have successfully completed International Master’s programs.

  • American Bachelor of Arts degree in partnership with Maalot International (Zaidner Institute) and the Thomas Edison University (optional)
  • NYU — New York University Language Exams
  • CLEP — College-Level Examination Program
  • Swiss Business Diploma (Handelsdiplom VSH)
  • Teacher-Diploma at the Teachers Training College, University of Zurich (Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich PHZ)
  • ECDL — European Computer Driving Licence
  • Edexcel, AQA, Cambridge

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As a recognized private school for higher education it is necessary for us to fund our operations through tuition and testing fees, all the while controlling expenses in order to achieve highly efficient cost per student ratios. As most students require scholarships, the board is charged with raising a significant amount of partnership contributions to fund the shortfall. All financial activities are subject to strict control.

Income from Tuition and Testing Fees:
50% of the yearly budget
Average monthly cost per student:
CHF  1’460,00
Total Yearly Budget:
CHF 855’000,00
External contributions required yearly:
CHF 425’000,00
Number of students per year:
40-50 students, steadily increasing
Number of graduates:
More than 300 students
Number of students in BA program:
More than 70 students

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In order to prepare our students for gainful employment in today’s competitive technologically driven world, we use cutting edge computer systems for teaching, and provide a complete practical application driven set of courses in IT.

More than 90% attend a one to two year international program for further education. More than 20% are employed as teachers in Switzerland. Approximately 65% pursue a career in the business sector (Financial Institutions, Real Estate). Approximately 15% pursue Life Science and Health Care professions (Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Law, Health Care). Our graduates have built fine Jewish homes which can be found literally all over the globe.