Each student is encouraged to pursue her interests and talents in the kind and supportive learning environment at Machon Chen where no student is left behind. Many of our graduates have successfully completed International Master’s programs.

Tanach - Bible and Commentaries

Courses train students to read, translate and understand Biblical texts and their classical commentaries, in the original Hebrew.

Jewish History

Antiquity , Middle Ages and Modern History are covered.


The students develop a healthy Jewish self-image within the framework of a Torah outlook.


The course is designed to help students gain a better understanding leading to a deeper appreciation and personal involvement in prayer.


Students are taught a broad spectrum of Jewish Law thus leading to an internalization of their practical applications.


Emphasis is placed on improving language skills through oral presentations and written essays on an advanced level.
Certificate: NYU Language Exams


The course concentrates on building language skills including vocabulary, grammar, oral and written expression on an advanced level. The study of literature develops students’ analytical and creative abilities.
Certificate: Cambridge CAE Exam,
CLEP English Composition Exam

Hebrew Elementary

The course focuses on text comprehension, grammar, oral presentations and written assignments on an intermediate level. Certificate: NYU Elementary Exam

Hebrew Advanced

This course emphasizes the further development of oral communication, reading, and writing skills.
Certificate: NYU Advanced Exam


The course is taught on an intermediate level and concentrates on reading comprehension, oral and written expression.
Certificate: CLEP French Language Exam, DELF DALF International Diploma issued by the French Education Ministry.


The following subjects are covered: Algebraic, geometric and trigonometric topics, as well as logic, number systems, functions, statistics and probability.
Certificate: CLEP College Mathamatics, CLEP College Algebra

Machon Chen offers its students courses leading to the acquisition of the American Bachelor of Arts degree. Studies include: Humanities, Languages and Natural and Social Sciences.


Machon Chen has a partnership with  Maalot International (Formerly Zaidner Institute) and Thomas Edison University.

Machon Chen prepares its students to take NYU Language Exams in German Language (Intermediate and Advanced Exams) and in Hebrew Language (Intermediate and Advanced Exams).

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), accredited by the American Council on Education (ACE), helps students receive college credit through examinations on specific topics. Developed by the College Board, CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program, available at more than 2'900 colleges and universities. Machon Chen prepares its students for CLEP Examinations in Mathematics and English Composition.

Machon Chen’s goal is to prepare students for the business world by guiding them in acquiring the necessary abilities and skills required for careers and the pursuance of further higher level education. Students graduate with a Swiss Handelsdiplom (VSH). Topics: Accounting, Law, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, German, Correspondence and Computers.

At the end of their first year, students receive the Swiss Business Diploma, level 1, issued by the Swiss Business School Association (VSH).


Second year students build on the knowledge of their first year, acquiring the Swiss Business Diploma, level 2, issued by the Swiss Business School Association (VSH).

The Zurich College of Education*, a branch school of the University of Zurich, has instituted for Machon Chen graduates with a BA degree, a one year intensive didactic and practical teachers training course. This fullfills New Swiss licensing requirements for all teachers of secular studies in Jewish schools. Graduates of this advanced course are successfully practicing their profession in Zurich and elsewhere.
*Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich (PHZ)

Machon Chen offers courses to complete the European Computer Driving License (ECDL). This license is an internationally recognised qualification for IT skills.

In their first year students complete the final 3 Modules thus completing the ECDL-Diploma.

In their second year, students  concentrate on high-end computer technology studies, including theory and practice. Certificate: ECDL Core (ECDL) and ICT A-Level (AQA)

Internationally recognized qualifications and diplomas issued by the British Examination Board.

These activities offer opportunities to learn the values of teamwork as well as individual and group responsibility. The students develop their personalities and leave after two years as capable, productive and helpful members of the Jewish community.

  • Strengthening individual talents
  • Expressing creativity and imagination
  • Developing a positive, healthy self-image
  • Focusing on teamwork
  • Making life-long friendships
  • Experiencing fun within a growth oriented environment
  • Creating a cheerful atmosphere
  • Promoting community involvement
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