Machon Chen’s dedicated, outstanding staff contributes to the exceptional training program of the only Orthodox Jewish School of highest learning in Switzerland. In the past, it was necessary for graduates of secondary school to leave home and continue their studies elsewhere. Machon Chen gives them the possibility to remain under parental care offering educational excellence and providing the tools for future economic independence.

  • Vivian Sternbuch
    President of the Board
  • Breindy Kopelman
  • Ruth Sternbuch
    Board Member, Assistant Secular Principal
  • Gitty Krakauer
    Board Member
  • Rabbi S. Dzialoszynski
  • Rabbi M.E. Rappoport
  • Rabbi S. Zwiebel
  • L. Mresse
  • N. Miller
  • L. Porgesz
  • S. Adler
    Jewish History, Pirkei Avot
  • E. Beck
    German Correspondence
  • A. Biotti
    Business Courses
  • S. Bloch
  • S. Dzialoszynski
  • S. Eiger
    Extra Curricular Activities Coordinator
  • C. Fischer
  • T. Fischer
  • Ch. Grünwald
    Extra Curricular Activities Assistant Coordinator
  • Sh. Hasgall
  • A.Y. Katz
    Tefillah, Halacha
  • D. Killer
  • B. Kopelman
    Prinicipal, Jewish Ethics
  • A. Kornfein
    Advanced Computer Studies
  • H. Krakauer
    Jewish Ethics, Scriptures
  • R.L. Lichtenstein
  • D. Patcas
    Discussion Groups
  • A. Perelman
  • R. Rabinowitsch
    Megilah, Holocaust Studies, Hashkafa
  • M.E. Rappoport
  • Y. Schächter
    Business Courses
  • M. Sonnenblick
  • R. Sternbuch
    Assistant Secular Principal, Weekly Torah Portion
  • S. Sternbuch
    Public Speaking, Jewish History, Jewish Ethics
  • H. Weisz
    BA Coordinator, Prophets, Women in the Bible
  • E. Zoladz
  • S. Zwiebel
    Jewish Law

Welcome to Bais Yaakov Machon Chen!

We are proud to continue the legacy of Sarah Schenirer, the founder of Jewish women’s education, ensuring the continuity of the Jewish nation.

Our mission, therefore, is to educate and transmit the eternal authenticity of our heritage to the women of our generation in a language that excites their searching minds and nourishes and quenches their spiritual thirst, thus kindling fires in their souls.

Bais Yaakov Machon Chen has a small school-body, a large-scale curriculum and an even larger heart.

A positive approach, coupled with stimulating lessons, quenches the thirst of developing minds, and an exciting and meaningful extracurricular program, maximizes the innate potential of each individual, empowering our graduates to proudly carry the torch of Torah-true and dignified Jewish women.

Bais Yaakov Machon Chen’s goal is to instill the breadth and depth of Torah into its students’ souls, open up opportunities to achieve the ability to earn a dignified livelihood, thus bringing blessing to their future homes.

We are honored to pass our precious heritage from generation to generation, proudly carrying forward the torch of Jewish eternity.


Breindy Kopelman, Principal


Machon Chen gave me a warm and caring «family», which helps bring out your potential in every sense and respect. I loved to be in this wonderful school! A lot of the degrees which I got in MC were necessary for my later studies and a good deal of what I learned in MC is useful at my job in a real-estate-office. There is more than one Koidesh-Lesson, which is still fresh in my mind and a lot more which has formed and impressed me unconciously. And now, more than seven years after I graduated, I am still having private Koidesh lessons at one of my MC-teachers. E.M. R.

Machon Chen gives personal and academic challenge and achievement. Personal growth from observing role models and deep lessons and discussions. In Machon Chen I discovered how far I can go. I got satisfaction from the ability to reach highly set goals. Machon Chen taught me to believe in myself and discover many of my own talents and strength. The two years taught me not to be scared of failure – to reach for the stars and never give up. H. L.

Machon Chen pushed me to learn and recognize my potential. The teachers are caring and here for you. Machon Chen gives me, as a former student, a proud feeling that we have this school (which tries to give best education possible) in little Zurich which it has definitely given me a sense of seriousness about studying and the curiosity and interest to explore and study more, which I would not have gotten anywhere else. C. I.

Machon Chen has taught me to believe in myself, discover my strengths and talents, and given me the tools to reach for the stars and never give up! H. L.

Fun – intense – meaningful in every way. Seemingly impossible – somehow achievable! C. W.

Machon Chen challenged me to change from mediocrity to excellency – mastering a most challenging seminary and acquiring a B. A. degree, all in a warm and caring atmosphere. I will always consider myself an MCer! R. L.

Machon Chen was an intense, yet fun, amazing, maturing, learning, and growing experience, which passed way beyond graduation. T. E.

Machon Chen – The perfect combination between serious learning and plenty of socials and fun! M. L.

Machon Chen is a school that demands a lot from us and their goal is to bring out the most and best from us. The entire experience is just incomparable to anywhere else. The teachers are all amazing people and we can learn from every one of them! Programs bring us all together as one family. That’s what makes Machon Chen so special. E. L.


I want to thank MC for the bright knowledge and social life, I gained a lot and keep enjoying. S. F.

The teachers in MC are caring and you can feel it. They want the best for the girls! Special thanks to Mrs. Kopelman – best principal ever – and all the teachers! B. S.